Try These Random Acts of Home Improvement for the Fall

By John Voket

In our last report, I zeroed in on a few design and project ideas for the bathroom. In this segment, we’re going to scope out a few broader fall trends homeowners will be interested in.

Thinking about a few painting touch ups before you batten down the house for fall and winter. Then think blue. International furniture brand Koket hosted a recent blog predicting the color blue as being a driver for this fall and winter.

According to Koket, all shades of blue will be present in the projects of the top interior designers all over the world. While blue is consider as a cold color, the color of the ocean and the sky, it can make your room design really pop if it’s combined with warm colors.

For Courtney Lake, interior designer and blogger at Courtney Out Loud, it’s all about decluttering, especially if you live in tight quarters. Lake says utilize smaller spaces very wisely by keeping things off the floor and walls.

If you can, she suggests investing in furniture and decor pieces with dual or triple purposes. Want a large vanity or cabinet? Find one with ample storage space, including room for a wastebasket and a sink or mirror.

The team at is talking up crafty fall accents around the home including arrangements utilizing white mini gourds and white tukey feathers, and wreaths bursting with textures versus fall colors.

And are you tired of all those cardboard boxes full of rolls of foil, wrap and wax paper cluttering up your kitchen drawers or cabinets? Wood-Mode offers specialized storage for rolls of tin foil and plastic wrap.

With a built-in serrated edge lid, there is no need for the unsightly boxes and the interiors of the drawer are just as beautiful as the exterior. And if that isn’t enough, organizational inserts from companies such as Häfele or Rev-A-Shelf can also be incorporated for maximum personalization.


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