How to Get More From Your Time Off


Everyone loves a vacation. Whether you’re hanging with friends or family, time off from work can be exciting, relaxing, and fun. But when we pack too much into our days away from the office, we can return feeling like we need a vacation! Below are four gentle, easy tips for getting more out of your time off.

Break your routine. To make your vacation feel like a vacation, break your old routine. If you check your phone first thing in the morning, go for a walk instead. Eat a large breakfast with your family instead of a quick bite of toast. Swap that late night TV session for a board game, book, or a glass of wine and conversation.

Set a small personal goal. Want to exercise every day? Read an entire book? Write letters to your old college roomies? Set a personal intention for your time off so you can feel accomplished at the end. Make sure your goal is doable and gentle so you don’t stress yourself out.

Unplug. By now, you likely know that your smartphone makes it harder to remain in the present moment. Set an auto-responder on your email, let your close friends and family know you’re checking out so no one worries, and try to spend at least a full 24 hours without staring at your pocket screen.

Do something new. As adults, it’s often rare to try a brand new experience. Never snorkeled? Hiked more than 5 miles? Tried a specific cuisine?

Whether you’re heading off to a new destination or just spending a few days with your family at the house, choose a new activity, enlist a friend, and get to it.

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