Staying Connected During Disaster


Many of us are constantly plugged in to our devices, so much so that when power or internet goes down, we forget how to find one another.

Staying connected in any perilous situation – a car accident, getting lost, etc. – can be a lifesaver. Below are a handful of tips to help from TekDry.

Tips For Staying Connected

1. Memorize a few of the most important phone numbers in your phone. If you damage, lose your phone, or suffer widespread power outages and can’t charge your devices, you will still have those crucial phone numbers when you get access to a landline or a borrowed phone.

2. Write down and keep in your wallet or purse your family’s contact information. You can almost always find a phone or borrow one if yours is lost or damaged. This is an especially good tip to keep in mind for newly mobile teens.

3. Regularly backup your contacts to the Cloud so that you can access your data from another locale at another time (and you are not dependent on your phone alone).

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