Superior Snoozing: Top Tips for Improving Your Sleep


You likely know you can improve your productivity, fitness levels, and eating habits – but did you know you can improve your sleeping habits? It’s not just about hitting the pillow earlier. Some of the ways you can impact your sleep may surprise you.

Consider the following tips from the VELUX Group.

– Increased exposure to daylight will help you sleep at night – sitting near a window at work or school and making an effort to get outside more will also help with this
– Eliminate light from the outside to enter your bedroom at night
– Sleep in a cooler bedroom
– Avoid looking at electronic devices (TVs, smartphones / tablets) which distribute blue light before going to sleep – this can trick the brain into staying alert at the wrong time of day
– Establish a good bedtime routine – read a book instead of having more screen time
– Give children a red or orange night light if they are afraid of the dark as these are the least disruptive to sleep

Source:  The VELUX Group

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