Gifts You Can Give Without Spending Money


By Zoe Eisenberg

Sometimes, the most thoughtful gifts are free—a helpful concept if you’re trying to spend less! Consider the following thoughtful gift ideas as you prep for the holiday season:

A personalized playlist. Transport yourself back to high school by making your loved ones a personalized playlist with songs you know (or think) they will enjoy. Bonus: They’ll think of you whenever they play it!

Movie night. Create a fun “gift card” for a movie night at your house, movies and popcorn on you. This is a fun present because it ensures social time in the future. Pick a date as soon as you give it to make sure it happens.

A recipe deck. If you’re known for your culinary skills, this gift is for you. Pick 10 – 15 recipes you know are winners, copy them out on note cards, and create a neat little recipe deck. The best thing about this idea is that you can make many of them and hand them out to anyone who has admired your cooking in the past.

Game challenge. Similar to the movie night idea, create a “challenge” certificate that dares your friend or family member to beat you at your favorite game. Offer to host, pick a night, and enjoy a fun, low-cost social event and some healthy competition.

A photo collage. While you may spend a few dollars having photos printed, this is still a very low-cost gift idea. Print out a dozen or so of your favorite photos of you and a pal, and have a little craft night creating a collage for your friend to hang in their home or office.

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