4 Ways to Prep Your Home for Hurricanes


Hurricane season runs from June through November, a large portion of the year to be on the lookout for destructive weather. High winds and flooding caused by rain can cause major damage to your home space, so preparation is key.

“We advise homeowners to prepare their homes ahead of inclement weather,” says Ted Puzio, owner of Southern Trust Home Services.

Puzio suggests residents take the following steps to make sure they’re prepared in case of a flood:

Check sump pumps and install a backup battery. Sump pumps should be regularly maintained and tested. Dump a bucket of water into the pump reservoir and observe how it is working. If it isn’t functioning properly and directing water out of the home, it may be time to call a professional. Make sure to check the discharge line to ensure it’s free of debris. Also, consider installing a backup battery onto the sump pump to ensure it performs at all times.

Inspect your foundation. Take the time to tour the perimeter of your home, inspecting your foundation for cracks and crevices that could allow rising water into your basement. Seal what you can with concrete patching and waterproofing, but call a professional if you’re concerned with the structural integrity.

Regularly clean the gutters. Leaves may not build up in the summer as they do in fall, but birds’ nests, small limbs and more can still obstruct gutters and lead to an overflow of water. Basement flooding can occur when the water isn’t directed far enough away from the foundation, so make sure your gutters are empty and directing water effectively to the downspouts. When heavy rains are anticipated, consider extending your downspouts further away from the home with inexpensive, corrugated plastic pipes.

Review home insurance policies. Each year, homeowners should be reviewing their homeowner’s insurance policies to eliminate any confusion and the potential for nasty surprises after dealing with damaging storm systems. Do not put off any questions you may have. Contact your provider immediately anytime you have a concern about whether or not your policy is the best for you.

Source: southerntrusthomeservices.com.

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