Christmas Tree Care

How to care for your Christmas Tree



Purple, Red, White


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Winterize your yard…..


Even here in Florida, a late fall fertilizing is recommended. In Central Florida a complete fertilizer should be applied to Zoysiagrass and Bermudagrass. If you live in South Florida, St. Augustinegrass will also benefit from a late fall fertilization. (The arbitrary dividing line between north and central Florida is a straight east-west line from coast to coast through Ocala, and the dividing line between central and south Florida is a line from coast to coast through Tampa and Vero Beach.)

The complete fertilizer should be applied at 1.0 lbs nitrogen/1000 sq. ft. 50% soluble and 50% slow-release nitrogen. Proper application is critical, since all soluble fertilizers may burn the turfgrass if improperly applied. To avoid burn, never apply fertilizer at greater than the recommended rate.

Always apply fertilizers when the turfgrass leaves are dry and water thoroughly after application. Apply enough water to dissolve the fertilizer and move it below the surface. This can generally be accomplished by applying between 1/4 and 1/2 inch of water through the irrigation system.

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    That is a beautiful Christmas cactus!

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