First Friday

   fresh market AT WIREGRASS  (click on pic to see what it is all about) FIRST FRIDAY ST. PETE, FL (click on pic to see what it is all about) Sunset Cinema at Pier 60 (click on pic to see what it is all about)


         (click pic for more info) This weekend is going to be hype and talk about the Super Bowl!  Which of coarse, I love.  But I have realized that their are NON FOOTBALL Fans so  I have given other things to do around the Bay Area. And for those of you "following" our post and just wondering what TEAM I am hoping WINS....well it is a very SAD town and state that MY TAMPA BUCS aren't in the Super Bowl but since I am a football fan and I have to pick a team, alls I am gonna say is I am a HUGE "MANNING" FAN!!!!  Can someone remind me which one is in it again?  Just kidding!
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