This Monday just can’t be drugged

Ok ok. I know! The Monday after the “Big game”……what other stories matter than the news of the New York Giants Winning the Super Bowl! Awwww…”Manning WON!!!!!!”. I unfortunately came down with the worst migraine ever but today find out its a sinus /ear infection! So I only saw from half time on BUT to me…. That was the BEST!!!!!

I will tell you that people surrounding me (once I woke up) lol….we’re talking about “I wonder where Peyton is?”…. I think it is so admirable that he went into hidding! He allowed the “spot light” to be truly his “little brothers”! Now for me,a MOM of 4 athletic children, this is what I want my children to see and hear and follow! A TRUE ACT of unselfishness! Many times in this world so many are “about me”. That our children often model after that. The act of unselfish is far more important. So today, I challenge everyone to pass along an ” act of unselfishness”!

The link below is one thing I find important….

What to Expect at your child’s check up

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