“Brain Freeze”

Brain Freeze…Ouch!

This is normally what you would get with drinking something “cold”, Right?  Well what about

“Brain Freeze” when you know you have to do research on a certain topic and you just can’t find what you are looking for?

Oh that’s right, it’s called “writers block”!  Welp first of all…”I am no writer”…

LOL…so I will call this subject today on


What to do, What to do…Here are some tips to solve “Brain Freeze”!

1. “Google” NEW domains.  Often people do not realize that the “SEO” changes everyday.  So where we get in a rut of using our

“favorite” websites for information and date.  One may have creaped up on us and it has newer information than what we are certainly using…

So in my research I have found that the only curtain “website” that of the many I use are in the TOP FOUR IN GOOGLE’S SEARCH…. But found many NEW one’s that

have very informative information…..Here they are….





My “Brain Freeze” is partly due to that I came up with IDEA that my over sized family needed to supply me pictures to do a Scrap Book for my Grandparents 65 year Wedding Ann.  YES THAT IS CORRECT…..65 YEARS!!!!  I am so focused on this project that it’s all I can think about.  Please understand this was a project of getting about 30 people to do what needs to be done…SUPPLY PICTURES for a family of about 70 people!!!!!

Scrapbooking.  Yes, laugh, but like it or not…it has become “TECH”.  It was interesting to find out today that “Pinterest” is the “LEADING” website of 2011 and growing.  Yes that’s right…Pictures being pinned and reposted!   Keep laughing BUT here’s the link….http://venturebeat.com/company/pinterest/

So for TECH Tuesday….Here are the ‘TECH” RECOMMENTDATIONS I have if you ever get BRAVE enough to do a LARGE SCRAP BOOK….

1.  Have your family members load their pictures they wish to be part of your book onto


2. Create your Scrap Book online thru Mixbook.  I have used “Shutterfly” and Mixbook.  Mixbook appears to be so much easier and you can actually give your family the option of uploading their pics directly.  I learned this the VERY, VERY, VERY HARD WAY!!!! LOL….


I hope this helps with your adventure of the new TECH SCRAP BOOK WORLD.

Happy Tech Tuesday!!!!

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