65 YEARS OF BLISS 9.18.20!

Ok normally, I send out one post a day but today I am dedicating this post…..

Normally, Monday’s are the HARDEST day of the week!  Getting back inot rountine from the weekend is crazy, especailly getting 4 kids off to school!  BUT our Sunday, enlightened and eased our Monday this week.   Why you ask.

Well being in Real Estate and seeming that our site is about bringing the Real Estate industry together as ONE!  I want to share a very special event to you.  In Real Estate we often get to see the joys of ‘Families” coming together to start their lives in  a home.  BUT we also see families get thorn apart as well.  BUT I have a story of 65 years.

Well tomorrow will be 65 years that my Grandparents, Dale and Betty Lou Reinhart have been married.  Now I know that some of you maybe saying “ok”, well others have been married longer, lived longer and so on BUT….9.18.20 you wonder why  is so important!  Well Dale and Betty Lou met at a Sinking Rink in Minnesota and a wonderful life was in store for them.  The true meaning of… “for better, for worse, in sickness, and health, for richer or POORER truly stand with my Grandparents as they have 9 children, 18 grandchildren, and 20 great grandchildren.  But here is the kicker!  We all live here locally in Tampa, Fl with the exception of one grandchild who is RESPECTFULLY serving his Country in the Coast Guard!  Thank you Joey!!!! We miss you!

Anyways, yesterday was beautiful in the sense of ALL OF US AND OUR SPOUSES…60 (+) and going strong……gathered at St. Stephens Church for Mass and then to Maggiano’s to celebrate.  Yes that is CORRECT….we were all there. The feeling I got when the Preacher asked for my grandparents to come forward and then asked  their children to stand, then their grandchildren, and then their great grandchildren was so overwhelming!  What an amazing gift to be part of! Even more amazingly, a gift to my four children to be a part of.   You say ok, well it was a huge celeabration  and normally families would come together for that.    BUT this is where my point is going to be made….

I listened and now have reflected on how very luck and fortunate we are as a family!  It is often taken for granted that family is family.  But I listen to people explain how they have family they haven’t talked to or that they are at war or they have lost their parents and have to live with that feeling of emptiness every day.  I can tell you, our family no matter how larger, how many opinions are running around, how mad someone is mad at someone else, we have been given the VALUE AND LESSON OF LOVE!  We all gather for all the holidays, yes, 60 plus, and with out fault someone is at differences with someone BUT we have been taught by TWO of the BEST people in the world to set that aside and come together and be a family!!!!

I often forget about how lucky our family is and how very luck I am to have such a blessing.  BUT as my grandmother always say’s….”we are truly blessed!”

Well the truth of the matter is, we are blessed that 65 years ago at a Skating Rink in Minnesota, two people met and taught us a lesson of patiences, love, and kindness and not to a small number….taught it and currently still teaching it to 9.18.20!

Thank you for the gift of Dale and Betty Lou Reinhart!

So, I know what my Grandparents greatest gift would be to ask of everyone…It cost NOTHING….Remember no matter your differences…put them aside and remember, Family is a Gift and that you are TRULY BLESSED TO HAVE ONE!!!!!

HAPPY 65 YEARS Grandma and Grandpa!!!! We love you!!!!

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  1. Cathy Kennelly says:

    Thank you so much for posting this
    “Love Story”. It is a great re-telling of their love and lessons to all of us!

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