Officially Debugging Monday….

Today’s Challenge’s of Wanting what you could have before BUT now think you can’t…..

Togune twister at the least to say!  What I mean by this is…We all at one point in time had the “credit” to get what we wanted in most part.  But in today’s economy, we found that the “poor credit” class is no long the minority BUT the MAJORITY!!!!  It is very unfortunate that along with dealing with the issues of credit that the Credit Reporting Agency have now changed their standards and grading scales.  For an example, how many of you believe that if you find out that a credit card you have gets it line reduced or is closed by the creditor even if you are in good standing, that your credit isn’t effected?  Well you are.  You are actually graded harder if the Creditor does the closing viruses you.  This is just one simple example. 

So below, if you are trying to straighten out your credit and want to “Get what you could of had before…”, please read the article link below.

What to say to Creditors When you Call Them

There are two efforts that must be made. First, call any creditors reporting a negative and ask them to remove the negative item. Ask in a nice calm voice and do not get upset when…(read more)

 We want to help our current and future clients in pursuing the “American Dream” of owning a home!  We hope you find this article beneficial!

Look forward to many more tips in the future. 

Debug Your Monday….


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