Kids need List TOO

As I appoarch Whimsical Wedsenday, I can’t but help to share with you an idea that has been running around in my head (well, shhh…I have these little guys who run on treadmills in my head who spit ideas all the time at me…hahaha)  and what I for so long thought about putting into action with my children but NEVER HAD…until LAST NIGHT!  You asked how does this relate to Real Estate? Well it’s a focus on “Family” and when I find something that benefits “Mom/Dad” with the “kids”, I love to share. You know it’s not often that us “Mom’s/Dad’s have an advantage over our “kids”.

So I am what you would call a “list” chic!  I lov them!  So, having my own small army, it gets difficult in assignning my troops what chores or what they need to complish prior to bed or in the morning.  Plus when your troops are involved in sports and your “better half” hahah, is in charge as you are playing taxi driver, will definitely forget something the kids should be doing!  Just Sayin! 

Well for a while now, I have often told myshelf that I would come up with a list and give it to them to follow.  Chore list for “kids” is very popular BUT a list of “Evening To Do’s” and a list of “Morning To Do’s”…for children…not so much.   As parents I think we find it easier to just go with it or tell them what to do. OR DO IT OURSELVES!!!! lol

Well, I am here to tell you I FINALLY last night I came up with these list…What resulted from it? 

First, my troops LOVED IT!  There was a lot less stress and fretting and no YELLING!  That’s the SHOOKER!!! This morning, went with a breeze!  My husband who made in front of me and laughed at me about this “idea”…(psss…he works off a list that he writes and keeps in his pocket…Ha) was SO HAPPY that there was less stress!

I have to tell you!  It was so cute that the kids were scrambling looking for pens to mark off there items. 

So here is what my list look like and I hope they help you and your troops!

Morning List for Kids

Get dressed

Brush hair

Brush teeth

Put socks and shoes on

Eat breakfast

Back pack

Lunch box

All items need to by completed by 6:45 a.m.

Kids list at Night

Homework done prior to 6:30 p.m.

Get planner signed

Give mom take home folder

Get all papers signed

Get your uniform ready for next day


Brush teeth

Brush hair

Read for 20 mins

Put dirty clothes in laundry

Pick up your room

To bed by 9:00 p.m. ***unless we say different

Items must be completed by 7:45 p.m.


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