Coupons Here, Coupons There…….

Probably like MANY, I go thru these spurts of cutting coupons, saving them, searching for them, and so on. Then it gets frustrating without doubt that I took the time to get the coupons and then standing at the register, empty-handed. So, I just give up. Thinking to myself, why in the world can’t they just be paperless? Why don’t we have a “discount” card to serve ALL VENDORS! grrrrrr!

Well, I am so excited. Over the past week I have posted on FACEBOOK about some very COOL new coupon saving SITES that download your coupons to a card or link them to your debit card. So I would like to past this onto you.

1. LINKABLES : this is a site where you can register and it will link ALL YOUR COUPONS to your current credit card or debit card!!!!

2. PG Everyday : this is a site where you can register and get a “card” from a participating store. The down fall here is that participation is small for Florida. Great concept thu and I want it NOW….

2. Target : when shopping at target or online, you can link your debit card directly with target. So every time you shop at target and use your “Target Debit” you will receive 5% off your purchase. I saved 12.37 on my first try!!! GREAT!!!!

Happy Saving!!!!

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