Doing Something Completely Pointless…

Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.  ~Bill Watterson

One of the many advantages of living in Florida is the beautiful Beaches and Weather.  Now being a TRUE Native, I often take for granted of these reasons of living here. I get so caught up in my routine that I lose appreciation for them. I remember growing up how my Mom would make it an effort every weekend to take Saturday or Sunday for taking us to the Beach.   Many times it was to her advantage so she could remove the “red clay” off our little bodies from the Softball fields where she coached.  LOL…Knowing now that she could have spent her weekend doing her routine or something else far more important, she didn’t. She spent her time with her children at the beach being “pointless”.  She didn’t give a care in the world what “she had to do”.

Not pointless as in “it is a waste of time cause there is no benefit in return”. BUT  “pointless” as in “relax, have fun, enjoy life, love life and make memories.”

The reward that comes from “doing something completely pointless” is endless  and has rewards of lifetime memories. 

So as  the weekend approaches us, I would like to challenge each and every one of you to find something in your city, town, or state that you haven’t ever experienced before and do it.  Throw out the routine, be Pointless.

And just a small hint….After you run through the sand, Baby Powder removes the Sand:)

My pointless Sunday will be spent at ….ST. ARMANDS CIRCLE

SHHH…Never been there before…:)



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