First Day of Spring…Tips…

Laundry Tips:

  • In the laundry room, you can really reduce the amount of lint on the floor and in the air by simply spraying the full dryer filter with a squirt or two of plain water (from an empty windex spray bottle) before removing the lint. Helps reduce the number of times you are sweeping or vacuuming lint. (If you know of a Cub scout or Boy scout troop that goes camping, they may want your used dryer lint to make camp stove starters with…recycling at it’s best!!)
  • I stopped  using fabric softener years ago. I currently use fabric dryer sheets that are chemical free, but before I got those, I simply used white vinegar. I had one of those fabric softener dispenser balls (my old machine didn’t have a dispenser) and filled it to the line with plain, cheap, white vinegar. It softened even jeans and towels every bit as well as chemicals, left no residue or odour behind and was cheap and healthier for us.
  • You don’t need a wrinkle releaser spray to get wrinkles out, just use plain water. Spray the dry clothes and hang them up, the wrinkles will come right out.


Too Much Paper Tips:

  • As a mother of four, there are many sweet pictures and crafts that are all around the house. I have learned that the proud creator loves to have it on display for awhile. We then take a photo of that creation (which can then be discarded, stored in a treasure box, or sent to a Grandparent) and can put it in an inexpensive scrapbook! You can even let the child take the photo!!!
  • Reuse envelopes by using the back of them for TO DO or shopping lists. Put a rubber band around the envelopes for storing. They are substancial enough not to get lost. They also can be used for children to “send” notes or artwork.
  • I have a file folder hanging on the wall for each of my four kids. When they come home from school, they put their school papers in their cubby. This keeps the table free and clear of all those thousands of school papers we get. After I go through the papers, I recycle the ones we don’t need to keep, put a few in the keep sake tote for the kids, and mail the rest to grandparents. Mom and dad have a file folder as well for our mail, etc.

Clean Bathroom Tips:

  • This is for those that have built up mineral deposits in their shower stalls. If CLR, vinegar, or other cleaners that claim to clean this problem don’t do the trick…………. I learned to use spray oven cleaner years ago. Yulp! Lye, in the oven cleaner will clean the mess that other cleaners will not do…. Spray, wait a few seconds about the same as it tells you for the oven to set and wipe clean with old rags or sponge. DON’T FORGET to use rubber gloves, lye is rough on the hands.
  • Keep all medications OUT of the bathroom. Humidity is bad for them.
  • When I shower I close the drain on the tub. After getting out of the shower I pour in a small amount of laundry detergent, and leave it soak away any dirt or stains. My tub is always clean and the bath smells like fresh laundry. Easy, no scrub solution to cleaning a tub

Need a great idea for getting the kids to help on spring cleaning day without the drama? Hand over a list of “to dos” and have the kids check off as they go. Once everything is checked, then they are free to play.

Spring Cleaning Chore List for the Kids


  • Remove everything from under the bed and put away
  • Pick up everything off the floor and put away
  • Bring sheets and pillow cases to laundry


  • Put video games and movies into correct cases
  • Organize controllers, games and movies in a drawer, shelf or basket


  • Move shoes to closet
  • Move coats to closet
  • Organize sports gear into bins, backpacks or gymbags


  • Collect every item from floor, seats and cup holders
  • Sweep the seats and floor carpet with a stiff brush


  • Throw away dried up markers, pens and paints
  • Save favorite art pieces, recycle the rest
  • Organize remaining supplies in drawers or baskets
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