Is It Time For You to “REBOOT”?

Not the typical “Reboot”, as in turn your computer off and restart it cause it “froze”.  As in “REBOOT” your technology devices! There is a running joke with our Mom about her technology gear.  Let me explain what I mean by that. 

As our generation seems to have the “need” and “wants” of the latest and greatest gadgets, there is a generation out there that has had to “self educate” and embrace this “new technology” world that has come full tilt.  They also have the patiences and don’t run out and buy the next “hot item”. When I was a kid ( teenager…lol) I can remember knowing nothing about “cell phones” aka “mobile phones” for your car. I remember one night our Mom coming home and telling us a story of how she would be getting a phone installed in her car as soon as she “closed her FIRST REAL ESTATE TRANSACTION”.  As a kid, my reaction? Oh Yeah, we are “rich”, we are “cool”, we are gonna have a phone in our car! LOL…Boy how none of that was “true”.  Hahahah

As the years past, she would hold onto whatever technology device she purchased until it lost its leg”! Literally!  So over the years, we would always tease her.  We would run out and “upgrade” as she just held tight.  Well then Apple came out with it’s “smart phone”.  And boy oh boy, we saw her jump!  We couldn’t believe it.  We thought, “yes” the days of using it until it’s lost it’s legs is gone!!!! YAHOO!!!!  Oh were we EVER DEAD WRONG!!!!  She to this day is still operating off an Iphone 3 (one of the originals, hahahah!) and not because is she isn’t  “eligible”! Simply because she is trying to Out Smart the FAST PACE Technology growth!  We have heard for a year now, “I’m waiting on the Iphone 5!” Ok, now there isn’t an Iphone5 Mom!!!! Still isn’t budging!  LOL…But like we said, until it’s lost it’s “last leg”. She will use her phone for it’s intent and that is to “mobile office”  and then call us to tell us something isn’t displaying “right” but we just send her over to her computer. “Oh, ok it looks right now!” Wow!!!!

Now don’t get me wrong, our Mom is VERY EDUCATED ON TECHNOLOGY!  To the point she is driving us CRAZY!  Like we aren’t already there!  Hahaha!  But she is in that generation I refered to earlier, “self educated techies”.  But seriously, I would recommend a “REBOOT”!!!!

As, I do the research to post and write about what is “hot” in the technology world, I find all kinds of cool stuff I want to buy and start to use.  Then I think of my Mom! Bless her heart! It makes me think of when you go to buy a car and how it basically isn’t worth what you purchased it for when you drive it off the lot!  So it makes me hesitate to go run out and purchase the “new best thing”!  But of course, that doesn’t keep me from “DREAMING” and doing research….LOL!

So here I share a link to a slide show that I found some toys I would love to “Reboot” my technology world with….

17 Brand New Business Gadgets


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