A Site for This, A Site for That, An App for This, An App for That….Sites, Apps, Sites, Apps….EVERYWHER!!!

Alright!  I am completely GUILTY!!!!  What am I guilty of you ask? 

Well the FIRST thing I am guilty of is being over taken by my daily research of what’s HOT, NEW, & BETTER in the world of ORGANIZATION AND PAPERLESS SOCIETY!!!!  My DESIRE of being completely ORGANIZED AND PAPERLESS has actually been more harmful than good!  YES IT’S TRUE!!!! Just as a person can become totally overwhelmed with clutter, paper, and dis organization there is such a thing of losing control over becoming so organized (or at least attempting too) that you ARE NOT ORGANIZED OR PAPERLESS!!!

Let me explain!  I have all the gadgets one ‘GAL” could currently ask for!  LOL…yes, Gal!  I have the Laptop,  a MIFI to support 5 users at once  (so when I Travel I can “work”!) HA,HA,HA more like the KIDS can PLAY,  “Neat Scan” (the real cool one…Phsss), ALL in One printer, scanner, copier, & fax, two photo MINI PRINTERS ( to print those DIGITAL PICS), an extra wide printer, an iphone,  plus an Ipad.  NEED I SAY MORE, I have the gadgets!!!!  

Well along with all those Gadgets, I have to have APPS OR WEB SITES!!! Of corse!!!!  Well I am not even gonna waster your time in telling you ALL THE APPS or WEBSITES  I have bought or downloaded to ORGANIZE MY PITIFUL LIFE!!! Ha, ha, ha

So one would think, WOW, she is organized and paperless to the hilt!!!  WRONG!!! Now don’t get me wrong, I am organized but not in the sense I would love to be.  Why you ask?  Cause I have TOO MUCH in the gadget world that required APPS AND WEBSITES.  My desire to always have the NEW and that will DO EXACTLY what I want it too, Has taken over to the point that I have to RE-GROUP my life!!!!

Now I know I am NOT the only one out there that feels this way or has this “ISSUE”. 

So, for those who have the ….”TECHNOLOGY HOARDING SYNDROME”… I offer the following “LIST” to a NEW ORGANIZED TECH WORLD….

1. Look to see how many email accounts you currently have.  REALLY, you need ALL THOSE EMAIL ACCOUNTS????? ha,ha, ha  (shhh… I currently have 4 personal, 8 work)  I know, I know…the fear that getting rid of one means “oh my gosh, I might loss touch with someone or something…YIKES!!!!”.  Reorganize your life to have the following:

  • Set up an email to give to all those websites and stores who want your information to send you “cool, free, coupon STUFF”  AKA…Interent Junk Mail…Give it a name of “Junkstuff”@xxxx.com
  • Set up an email just for family and friends.  Restrict it to an “White List”/”Approved List”

That’s the only EMAIL accounts you need!  You then can check your “true personal email” for ‘IMPORTANT PERSONAL EMAILS”!  You can check your “Junk Mail” Account whenever you feel like you have nothing better to do!!! LOL! And Finally, check your work email at work!!!!

2. Look at all the sites you have signed up with cause you were lead to believe that they would offer the world of organization!!!!  Or all those stores you signed up for at their registers!!!!  Ha, Ha, Ha!  Just like if you haven’t “used it” in 6 months to a year with your “stuff” around your house, apply that Rule here!  Get RID OF IT!!!!  DELETE  IT!!!!  Clean your hard drive, stop those unwanted emails, blah, blah, blah! The one’s you wish to keep, give your Junkstuff@xxxx.com or update the current accounts with this email.

3.  Look at ALL THOSE APPS!!!! Yes, it’s time to purge them!!  Here’s an example.  This morning I came across and app for “Digital Mail”.  Of corse, I found it on a website I use DAILY!!! So, my thought after reading the article supporting it, it was a MUST HAVE!!!!  So, my naturel tendency was to sign up and here we go….All my paper mail is now Digital!!!!  Oh was I disappointed!!!!  I sign up and there is ONLY ONE!  That’s right!!! One piece of mail I receive that they support!!!!  Not any other.  I was so excited that I was gonna be getting ALL MY MAIL DIGITALLY IN ONE SPOT!!!! Not the Case!!!!!  So instead of “HANGING ON”  to it.  I have done the NEW IMPROVED  RESPONSE!!!! DELETED IT!!! It is a COOL CONCEPT but DOES NOT BENEFIT ME.  Now I can revisit it later but right now, don’t need it.  

4.  FINALLY, Start a Word Doc. of all your websites or apps that you would like to revisit.  Revisit them and see if they will be more beneficial that what you currently have.  But remember, if you go with a NEW IMPROVED APP…DELET THE OLD ONE!!!!

Wishing you much success on your road to RECOVERY from




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