Credit Issues….

As the day goes on, I dwell on what I will write about today. I even ask for advice from my “Boss” and dead silence.  So, now not feeling as though I am not “good”at my job and that we just have those days, it hit me what to write about.

Credit!  Yes, that is correct “your credit”.  The “Family” has been in the Real Estate Industry since 1988.  We have seen GOOD TIMES, BAD TIMES, ROUGH TIMES, GOOD TIMES, BAD TIMES, and NOW…OUR CURRENT TIMES when it comes to the Housing Market.  But, no matter what time we are running thru in the Housing Market Cycle, we always get clients who never know anything about their credit until it’s time to pull it for the “loan process”. When there credit reports arrive, they are shocked by what is on it BUT the bigger issue is, they get overwhelmed with emotions because they are looking at the possibility of not getting “that home” they just “fell in love with”.  It is the saddes thing to see.

I know. I know.  Some probably are saying ‘how could she possibly understand how we feel”? She is in the business.  Well that is why I am writing this article today.  I do personally know the feeling.  At one point in my life, I owned what I called my “dream” home. But do to uncertain issues that arose in my life, I have to give it up.  The emotions that came over me are still haunting me today.  BUT, I am bound and determined to have that “dream home” again some day.   It will take work on my part with reading up on credit reports and doing what is necessary.  I know I am in great hands when it comes to “my Realtor”. Realtor’s today are not just Realtor’s. Realtors’ today, take that step in helping their clients find the right out for clients with “credit issues” and guide their clients to where they need to get on “track”.

So below is a link to very helpful Credit Articles that I have personally used and will help individuals get back on path to that American Dream!!!!!


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