This is Dedicated Tech Tuesday….

to Jordan Poynter, my nephew.  As the day was flashing before my eyes, I realized that I still hadn’t read anything to “exciting” about Technology that I wanted to blog about.  Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, there is the news about Adboe “FINALLY” catching up with the ‘TECHNOLOGY TIMES” and the “SPRING FASHION TECHNOLOGY” but nothing worth my attention.  So, as I was making the “Executive” decission…hahaha… to post about a totally different topic, I found this information that set my “Excitement” levels to  giggling. 

DIY robots: Print your own custom bots

Why you ask?  Well when my nephew, Jordan who is almost 15 now, was 3 or 4 years old he came to my house often.  So, one day we were together riding in the car and he sat next to me and said…”Aunt Natalie, I am gonna build you my ‘FIRST” Robot ever!”  of course I was honored and excited.  Not his mother BUT me, Aunt Natalie, was getting the “First” Robot.  Ha, ha, ha!  He then tells me how he is going to build me this Robot to clean, do my laundry, cook dinner, etc.  Basically, the Mac Daddy of Robots and he would be the first to invent this Robot and give it to HIS AUNT NATALIE.  Now of course, I was honored but in the same sense was my nephew telling me something about myself?  He sure was!!!  And what do you think he was telling me?  That’s right, Aunt Natalie’s house wasn’t so neat!  I needed help.

So today, when I read this article I couldn’t help but think about “My Robot” and my nephew Jordan.  Who by the way still owes me “MY FANCY MAID ROBOT”….So I dedicate this to finding article to Jordan, who NOW CAN BUILD AND GIVE ME MY MAC DADDY ROBOT! HA, HA, HA…I mean come on, I would love the help!

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