De-Bugg …De-Bugg…The Real Estate Process!

BONKERS!!!  That is how I am summing up my Monday so far in the GREAT LAND OF REAL ESTATE!  I sit here and ponder whether it is more difficult to find that “perfect house” for a client or for your self.  As an Agent you  strive to the highest of qualities and want to meet every need of your clients.  You want to see that SMILE on their face when you walk into a home with them and see the feeling of “this is it…this is the MY home” comes over them!  There is a great satisfaction in your did your job as a Realtor!  You as a Realtor are making a ‘DREAM” come true!

But, on the other hand, when you, yourself  are looking for that “perfect home” it seems to become nearly impossible when you are a Real Estate Agent.  I have spent almost two weeks now looking for that home.  That home that is just gonna strike me as, “I’m home”.  That feeling of  “yes, I will adjust my budget” for this home.  We all know the feeling when we are searching for a home.  After all it’s the place we will lay our head at night, watch our families grow up, teach our children traditions, educate our children and self and make many HAPPY MEMORIES!!!!

Now, I will tell you this…in a process of buying a home or renting a home, one of the most critical points in the process is “PATIENCE”!!!  Many times, it becomes very frustrating and disappointing when we believe we have found that “perfect home” and it’s gone!  The feeling of defeat has come over us to the point of just giving up.  Especially if you keep looking and “nothing seems to be out there”.  Kinda like me right now…hahahah

Well in closing I would like to tell you, there is a home for everyone that fits their needs and desires! It just takes “PATIENCE”!  That special home where you are gonna  lay your head at night, watch your families grow up, teach your children traditions, educate your children and yourself  plus make many HAPPY MEMORIES!!!!  A REALTOR can make this happen and will DE-BUGG the whole process for you because there is nothing GREATER THAN SEEING A FAMILY DREAM COME TRUE!!!!

Contact a Realtor today at Signature Realty Associates: 813.689.3115 and start making your HAPPY MEMORIES A REALITY!!!!!

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