Tech Tuesday…Bazinga!

That’s correct, a household full of The Big Bang Theory watchers….

So, I’m following up from my post about finding that perfect home and my frustrations.  Well those frustrations came to a halt with some new mobile technology that I was unaware of and some technology that has been updated to benefit that “home seeker” weather buying or renting.

Have you ever been out looking for a “home” and all the “list” you have just didn’t fit your fancy? Of suit your needs?  Are you thinking…grrrr…I have to run back to the office/home and look up additional information?

Well Good News…Mobile Real Estate Technology is one of the “fast growing” technology fields….

Give me an “A”…a…Give me an “P”…p…Give me another “P”…p…Give me an “S”…S…

What’s that spell…


So, here are just a few mobile technology apps that you might find beneficial when out in the field looking….


2. Trulia (from Apps Store) (now allows you to search sales and rental’s plus use your “current location”)

3. (from Apps Store)

4. Zillow (from App store) (now allows you to search sales and rental’s plus use your “current location”)

5. (from Apps Store)


7. onlive (from Apps Store)  As an Agent on the IOS system it has always been we couldn’t search the MLS…NOW YOU CAN….Thru this App!


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