Twirling…Doodling…Drawing…Whimsical Things

that bring smiles to faces, laughter, enjoyment, plus so much more.  But why does Wednesday have to be Whimsical every week?!!!

I remember growing up as a kid, my mom would always put a smile on everyone’s face and frankly, I haven’t met a person who doesn’t like my her.   I know, that’s rare and your thinking to yourself, ya rt.  But it’s true.  She just has the “spark”, that laughter, and touch that everyone feeds off.  It was amazing then and still is today! Even thu I have my own opinion about my MOTHER!!! HA, HA, HA!   So it brings me to my point:  what’s the point behind every Wednesday being Whimsical. 

Well, let’s face it…history has placed the saying “It’s hump day” for Wednesday, TGI for Friday’s and IMA for Monday’s.  So I have decided to change HISTORY!  Lighten it, make it twirling, do some doodling, or just draw something.  That’s right, I’m changing History!  Always a life long secretive dream of mine:! LOL..JJ…  After all, Wednesday is not the middle of the week for ALL OF US!  Some people work N-W so  Monday would be their “hump day”.  Just saying! Plus “hump day” seems so dreadful and blah.

My point is make your “hump day”, which every day of the week it is, Fun!!! Whimsical!!! Here are just a few idea’s of how to be Whimsical…

1. Take M&M and take five or ten minutes out of your day and draw something with them.  I have seen someone, no names will be mentioned”, draw a daisy, a star, a circle, a heart, a name, plus many others (too many to list) and then eat one by one thru out your day.  And yeah, yeah, I know there are people out there on a “diet” but make your whimsical day, “your cheat diet day”.  It will give you encouragement to continue and jump back on your diet the next day.  Treat yourself.

2. Take 5 minutes out of your day and tell someone how special they are to you!  Send an E-card, letter, or joke.  Make sure it includes a picture of something!  I find “pictures” always bring smiles.

3.  Draw or Doodle and give it to your kids or spouse or other half!  Yes, they will look at you and think you lost your mind BUT…it will make them smile and make them wonder.  I can remember as a kid seeing a certain someone, once again no name mentioning, Doodle until her heart was content and then she would keep it!!! I would think, “what is wrong with her?”


So, help me change “history” and change your weekly mid day to being “Whimsical”.  Pay it forward….Happy Whimsical Wednesday!!!!


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