Monday, already?  Is that possible?  Monday afternoon, already? Is that possible?  Where has the worst day of the week gone? The day that I dread all weekend and then some what throughout the dreadful Monday!  Often I find myself wishing to hurry up but TODAY…I feel different!  I feel like  this MONDAY has gone way to FAST!!!  I know, I know, you are thinking she is joking me?  Monday going to fast?

Well no it’s not a joke.  I often hear people talk about how they wish Monday would never come and get so filled up with “stress” in thinking about Monday and dreading it so much that it consumes their free time and weekend to the point that they never enjoyed their FREE TIME”!

So, to prevent this from happening to “me” time and time again, I did a little research and am happy to share with you a link of  “RELAXATION” tips that work!  Here it is…

How to Reduce Stress

They work and have definitely helped me “ENJOY” my free time and not “STRESS” about “Mondays”…

Happy Debugging!!!!

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