Something “Good” always come out of something “Bad”

It is often very difficult for “anyone” to see that something good could come out of something bad.  Especially  a few years ago, when many were faced with loss of jobs, homes, assets, plus so much more.  Left to feel destroyed and empty-handed from the down turn of the American Economy.  It appeared as though everyday you would wake up and hear nothing but “Bad News”!  It was rare that you would hear of something “good” happening in our little part of the world.  As these couple of years have forced a new way of living for many of us, I would hear conversations of finger-pointing and laying blame along with “where is all the public help?”  It got to the point for many that they just stop listening to the news, moved before eviction, or several families moved into one home to make ends meet.  With disspearing any glimmer of hope that things would get “better”.  That something “good” could come our way. Even yes early as yesterday, I was posting about the “Effects” foreclosures and this economy is having emotionally on our American Children.  Does it get anymore discouraging than that?

Well, today has brought that “SOMETHING GOOD”.  Yes, it is a baby step but it is a step in the direction of bringing “Something Good” out of “Something Bad”.   Baby steps towards “good news” is what leads us to the “bigger steps of good.”  I hope you find this article as refreshing as I did!


Three Nonprofits

 Join to Transform

Vacant REOs into

Future Residences

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