Amazing Mom’s on this Whimsical Wednesday

As this year seems to be flying by, I woke up this morning to “Mother Day” ad’s. And I had to stop and think …”What?” Is it already that time of year? Sure is! Time to rack my brain of what to give my Mom! A mom who is so wonderful in every way that no “gift” seems to be able to match or express how I truly feel in appreciation for all that she has done for not only me, but my family, my sister and her family, and for my dad. In addition to all of that, what she has done for her siblings and their children and their families. My mom is a unique Mom. A mom who has met every challenge in her life and succeed at it with a positive attitude and enthusimum. As issues arise in her life or lives around her that may be dispearing to everyone else, she attacks the issues at hand with kindness, loving, caring, compassion, karisma, beauty and even more.

I can say, I have honestly seen my mother cry one time in her life! I have never seen her be disgraceful or discourging to anyone. I have seen her go thru more in this life time than I ever wish to go thru in mine. I look at her and her ablities with such admiration. I have turned to my Mom in moments of stress and worriness to only be reassured that all will be ok! I often think, ” I want to be just like my mom!”

I believe as a parent one of the biggest things we pass on to our children or can give is “encourgement”. That feeling of security! My Mom to this day, provides that! Not in the sense of montery! But in the sense of “it’s ok”! That it will all work out in the end.

Finally, I would tell everyone, that my Mom is one that does not judge. She is a true genuine person who gets to know people and thinks nothing but the best of everyone! Even if you “cross” her she believes in giving you a second chance.

My Mom lives life to the fullest. Rises each and everyday with a smile and the best attitude in the world!

So, as you can read, it is very difficult to get someone so uquine and special, anything to show my appreciation! Expect this, the words to my best ablity to tell her that she is appreciated more than she will ever know and loved by many!!!!

She is PERFECT!!!!

So, if you ever are pondering what to give your Mom, simply tell her how you feel. As I am a Mother myself now, and I can tell you everytime I hear the sweet words of how my children feel about, it makes my heart melt. It is the “present/gift” I never forget!!!! Those “presents/gifts” of non value seem to hold the highest and greatest value.

So you have roughly three weeks left, start your words of expression now.

Happy writing!

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  1. I am so touched by your beautiful words! This is absolutely the BEST present ever! And, I know, your children will tell you how much they love you, too!

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