She’s NOT done YET!

Unless you are living under a “rock”, you will know that “Florida” is being hit by a lovely Tropical Storm named “Debby”.


YES…All of Florida is under a ” cloud” of danger!  

 You would think, as a “Native Floridian” I would be  use to this non sense and Mother Nature giving us every punch she has for us over the next 4 days. That’s correct, we are on day 2 and have another 4 coming.  YIKES!!!!   I will tell you, I’m NOT use to any of this!  I so often see people put there guards down cause of their “past experiences” with all the “Storms” we experience here in Florida or because of their experiences with Mother Nature from other parts of the United States. But I believe that is one of the worst things anyone can do.  It is kinda like having the attitude of “it will never happen to me”.  Well as you can see, Mother Nature doesn’t “pick and choose” who gets it and who doesn’t.

This is just a glimpse of what this storm has done so far to our Families and Friends in Florida .   Along with there being no power, roads closed, and schools/camps shut down.

Our Hearts go out to those who have been hit the hardest so far by Debby and we know there is much more to come our way, so we would like to share with you some helpful links or ideas to “Storm Out” Debby…LOL


1.  Emergency Preparedness |

2. Build a Hurricane Survival Kit – The Weather Channel

3.  Hurricane Preparedness – Be Ready


 If you have children, then we all know they can get “storm crazy” on being confined in doors.  So here are some helpful ideas

1.  Have plenty of paper and crayons/markers on hand. Have a drawing contest of things such as “building your own creative Fort”.

2.  Build a “Fort” in the biggest part of your home for them.

3.  Let loose and play hiding go seek in your home.  This is a great energy release.

4.  Play “Eye Spy”.

5. Take turns reading parts of a book.

6. And during the “claim” parts of the storm, go Road Surfing.  That’s right, if you happen to be in a flooded area, use the roads to your advantage. LOL

We hope this helps a little.



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