Safety App for REALTORS!!!!

Today’s Tech Tuesday is dedicated to “Realtor Safety”!!!!  

Here’s a little story to why this is so important me that I am dedicating it.  I was a kid and I can remember my Mom starting her Real Estate Career.  At the time “all this technology” wasn’t even near. And believe it or not, it was only back in the 80″s. LOL…She had told my Dad that she would be purchasing a “Mobile Car Phone” with her very first commission check.  That’s correct, a phone that was mounted in your car and looked like a regular “house phone”.    Notice this lovely pic to your right….Image

Anyways, this turned out to be the BEST investment she ever made at the time!  You ask why? Because as time went on, phones and technology got more sificated and she eventually purchased a true “mobile” phone.  Once you are “hooked”, your “hooked”…Ha, Ha, Ha

So, she had been at an Open House where a gentlemen showed up to see the house. She was on her “Mobile” phone and just happen to be speaking to my “Dad”.  She had told him that she was going directly to the car to wait for him to get there cause the gentlemen that appeared, just scared her instantly.  At one time or another we have all had that “gut” feeling.  This gentlemen stated he was a Realtor but had no business card and NO CAR!!!!  Strange Right? Well, many times I think of what exactly could have happen if she didn’t have that “Mobile” phone.  What if she couldn’t be on the phone with my “Dad” or another person?

Well, we have made such huge advances in technology that there is NOW technology to keep “Realtor’s” or any sales person “SAFE”! And I am more than happy to share it with you….

Safety App for REALTORS®!

There is no denying that a Real Estate Professional’s job can sometimes be unpredictable. Whether you are at an open house, in an unfamiliar location or working late at night, you never know when that ‘uh-oh’ feeling will creep up on you.(read more…)


I can tell you, my MOM will be installing this APP ASAP….

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