Let Freedom Ring….

Wow, it seems like we were just bringing in the New Year and now we are approaching 4th of July already! The day set aside for us to celebrate our “Freedom”.  Our Freedom that is to be cherished.  This holiday brings so many different emotions.  But it is a holiday of fireworks and cook outs.  So here are some really cool ideas: 

Crowning Glory 

Rockin’ the Red, White, and Blue

Who Brought Potato Salad?


Water balloon dodge ball

Break the kids into two equal groups. Kids can throw the balloons at each other or team up and use a towel as a slingshot to catapult the water balloons. If you get hit, you are out of the game. The last child standing is the dodge balloon champ.

Bust ’em obstacle course

Fill large balloons with water and place them at the end of an obstacle course. Have children race through the course with the last feat being they have to pop one of the large water balloons by sitting on it. The race itself can be a traditional obstacle course, a three-legged race or a sack race.

Squirt tag

The old-school game of tag gets kicked up a notch with squirt tag. One or two children are armed with a spray bottle or a water gun. If you get squirted, you are “it” and take over the sprayer.

Ice cube and spoon game

Everyone knows about the Easter game where you try to carry an egg on a spoon across the lawn. This Fourth of July, switch things up and trade out the egg for a small water balloon or an ice cube.

Watermelon seed spitting contest

One of the best foods of the summer — watermelon — can be a focal point of your Fourth of July party with a watermelon seed spitting contest. Be sure to have a tape measure on hand so you can accurately measure the distance of the spitted seeds.

Pin the stripes on the flag

Create a Fourth of July version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey with Pin the Hat on Uncle Sam or Pin the Stripes on the Flag. These blindfold games are always fun for young kids. Search for images online and just print out the pictures from your home computer, or have them printed at a print shop.


These are just some really cool crafts, food, and games.  Let Freedom Ring….

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