Don’t Be Scammed

We all know someone that has been effected by the American economy in one way or another.  Weather it be by a job loss, losing a home, or having to take a pay cut.  This has caused many families to transition from “owning” a home to “renting” a home.  And as we are faced with these issues, we tend to take a “short” cut route and try to “save” money cause we “have” too. And yes, I would agree that there are many things that can be saved on when it comes to savings.  BUT…when in search of a “rental” home, I would recommend getting a Realtor.  The perception that it “cost” you money to use a Realtor to help locate you a “rental”, is FALSE.  It’s the exact opposite.  It cost the “owner” of the home. Now, don’t get me wrong, you will have an application fee but this fee is from the Agent whom has the home listed for the “owner” and you would pay this fee on any “rental” whether it be a home or an apartment.

I’m talking about this today because of all the recent “news” regarding the famous website, “Craigslist”.  The website serves great benefits but there are scammers galore on this site right now regarding “rental” properties.  Here is just one case (read more) 

So, to prevent this from happening to you, I would recommend the use of a Realtor and here are some benefits to why…

1.  Realtor’s can give you the benefit of accessing the “local” tax records and looking into the current “status” of the home.

2.  A Realtor can access the MLS to broaden your search.

3.  Pick a Realtor’s brain. They have the knowledge of the area.

4.  The Realtor can make sure who owns the home, owns the home.

5.  Pricing Expertise

6. Tackling the paperwork

7. Avoiding problems

So, please consider using a Realtor on your next “Rental” or “Purchase” to make sure you aren’t being Scammed!!!


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