Making Your Own Rain Gauge

It Can Be Fun!   Here is an easy experiment your can do at home.


  • plastic soda bottle
  • scissors
  • permanent marker
  • handful of stones or gravel
  • water
  • ruler


  1. Ask an adult to cut off the top section of the bottle.
  2. To keep the bottle from tipping over, fill the bottom of the bottle with a handful of small stones or gravel.  Then pour water to cover the stones and draw a line across the bottle and label it “O” to mark the base level.
  3. Beginning at the base level, draw a few long lines to represent 1-inch measurements.  Then draw shorter lines in between to represent half-inch measurements.
  4. Place your rain gauge in an open area outdoors.
  5. Be sure to keep water at baseline level to make up for evaporation.
  6. Measure the collected rainfall and record your results on a chart.  Include the date, weather conditions (sunny, cloudy, rainy) and the amount of rainfall, if there is any. 
  7. Be sure to empty the bottle, keeping the basline level, each time you measure and record any collected rainfall.

Have a couple of people do this project and see who collects the most rain. 



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