Has anyone around you ever been throwing out something and you can see the possibilities in it?  Well, recently my sister offered me her lawn furniture that she was discarding of.  She went into detail how it was rusted out and that she didn’t know if I even wanted it.  I took one look at it and said “YES…DUH”!  I just knew I could fix it and not have to shell out money on a patio set that I didn’t have.  Here is what I created for all of 100.00 bucks:


UGLY!!!! Right?

Well this is how you take UGLY to Pretty!!!


Sander                           New cushions of your choice

Sandpaper                     bucket with soap and water

Rust Oleum Spray Paint

1.  Remove the old cushions and discard of them.

2.  Get a “sander” and metal sheet sanding paper.  And start sanding the chair to remove all the rust. You can do all the furniture in one day or over a period of time.  But remember to not leave the untreated furniture out in the weather.

3.  Once you are completely finished sanding all the furniture, wipe it down with dawn soap and water.

4.  Let dry over 2 days.  This will allow the furniture to be completely dry for painting.

5.  Once furniture is completely dry, it’s time to paint:). I chose a “Satin” Rust Proof spray in the color brown. It is by Rust Oleum.

6.  With the spray can upright, keep the can about 2 inches away and do a continues spray to cover the chair.  Make sure you get up underneath as well.

7.  Let your chairs dry for 2 days out of the weather.

8. Once completely dry, place cushions on chairs and set on your patio.


and there you have it PRETTY!!!!  So, whatever you choose to do with the “old” to bring out the “new”, have fun with it.




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