Take The Time To Plan for Monday’s…

When Monday’s arrive, everyone is pushing “snooze” on the alarm clocks..lol, rushing to get ready for the day, screaming across the house for others to “Raise and Shine” (but yet we just know there is no “shine” on Monday mornings..heheheh), and shoving breakfast down everyone’s mouths at lighting speed to just get out the door.

Well, there is a light at the end of the “madness” of Monday’s and they don’t really need to be like that.  Here is a couple of key ways to make Monday’s run smoothly!

1.  Take about an hour every Sunday evening and “map” out not just Monday, but your week.  Map it out on a smart phone or on a weekly agenda calendar.  Make sure there is a calendar on your refrig. for everyone in the house to know what’s up.

2.  Make each person in your house hold a list for the week.  Things you would like them to do over the week and what chores they will need to do.  This way there are no surprises and it keeps the chaos to a minimum through out the week.  Everyone knows what to expect.

3.  Make a menu for the week.  Allow everyone to have a say in what they would like to have.  And so you aren’t dealing with all the stress and pressure, assign each person in your house a night for dinner.  This can be a rotating schedule between you and your spouse/significant other, your children, one parent can pair up with a child, and so on.

4.  Have everyone set out at least the first three days of clothes I understand that people will change their minds, but often enough, they will stick to what they have chosen cause they just don’t wanna be “bothered” finding clothes in the morning.

5.  Designate an area in the home for everyone to put their things so no one is wondering where stuff is.

Finally, I understand you may be thinking, “ya right in a perfect world”, but these five steps are simple and easy that will work in “any world” and make your life more peaceful and joyful.  Try it out…tell me your thoughts and ideas…

Happy Monday:)

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