Here We Go Again

Last week I did a Training class from an article in our NAR (National Association of Realtors) Magazine.  It was labeled “Beyond Angry Birds”.  It had covered the “top” 10 apps  Realtor’s should be using to advance their business.  And of coarse like any other class I teach on Technology, I get asked the famous question….IOS or Droid?  

I can tell you on this particular day that I was favoring IOS across the board.  Especially for what I do for a living.  But I don’t have a closed mind.  I always keep my mind open so, those who may favor, “Droid”, I’m educated in that area as well.  

Anyways, in my readings this morning, I came across yet another battle between IOS and Google.  Part of the heading reads, “Who Killed You Tube”— and of coarse my natural reaction at first was WHAT??? You Tube is Gone??? No Way!!!  But then I start to read and its pointing fingers at each other on the primary fact that IOS/I-Phone’s will NO LONGER have You Tube pre installed on them.  That’s correct Google and Apple are parting ways.  Now I won’t rewrite why.  I would like you to click on the link above, read the article from C-Net and give me your thoughts.  As my thoughts are running ramped on what I would suggest in the future.  


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