So Long, Fair Well, I need to say Good Bye….

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.  ~John Dewey

Awe, it’s that time to start sweeping up the sand from all those wonderful summer beach trips, to put the beach toys back in a box, the beach towels in a container for safe keeping for next summer break.  It’s time to reminisce over the summer break pictures of all the fun, trips, and memories made.  A Summer Never to Be Forgotten.

As we prepare for the kids to return to school, there are things to pack away and things to get done.  There is only a week and half before the bell rings, the nerves appear, new teachers, new friends, and school memories begin.  Another year under way and another year smarter.

So, as the First Day of School creeps upon us, here is some helpful information:

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