Technology is A Light Speed Away….

I love this image! What comes to mind when I first saw this was APPLE eating up GOOGLE!!!  But as I completed my conference call with a gentlemen named Scott at Google, I got a much different perspective.  The perspective is that TWO huge companies are trying to PLAY NICELY!

We are currently being faced with moving our company forward in the “cloud” world.  Why forward you ask?  Well about 8 years ago when the “cloud” was not “remotely” in anyone’s mind or thought we were going on board with a “remote/cloud” service.  No one in the small business world would know what a “remote” server was unless they had the advantage of an employee coming on board from a “large” corporation.  So of corse when the news of “cloud” technology came out, small business alike start spending into frenzies to get the “cloud” technology.  While some of us thought…phsss, we have a ‘remote server”.

Well, I am here to tell you, that the “cloud” is beyond the “remote server” technology and I am so excited.  As I did my research for “cloud” services, who else but GOOGLE took spot number ONE!!!!!  That’s correct!  I happen to need something out of my personal email with Google and there it was….’BUSINESS SOLUTIONS BY GOOGLE….USE YOUR “OWN” DOMAIN!!!!  Ok time to have a meeting!  But hold on…I have an iPhone.    But as I had my meeting with the rep from Google I was reluctant to tell him how “I” plus one other had “Apple” phones while the rest have “Google” phones.  But in our talks he could tell and said…”Google is very accommodating” with the Iphone’s.  How is R.E.L.I.E.F spelled?

Hence, the picture above!

So if you are in the need of the solution of a “cloud” service for your business, I give “GOOGLE” a PLUS (+)!!!!


GoogleApps for Business

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