Family Traditions’

“Take A Smile Everywhere You Go”

On this beautiful Whimsical Wednesday, I ponder about Family Traditions’ and if I am passing along or creating any New ones!  As a kid, I grew up going to my Grandparents everyday after school plus every Sunday for “Family Dinner”.  Now I wouldn’t say that going to Grandma and Grandpa’s daily after school was a Tradition BUT every Sunday for Family Dinner definitely was!  I was very fortunate to have this Tradition instilled in me even though as a child I recall it being very annoying to me.  Now that I am a Parent myself, my pondering is how to pass a “Family Tradition” onto my kids.  I find it more important now than ever.  Why you ask?  As I watch the news and read the internet, I see all the misfortunes with our children today in society.  Family Traditions pass on a sense of security.  A sense of “Family”.  So in today’s world, it is more important than ever!!!

Here are somethings that you could use to create a “Family Tradition”:

1. Make one night a week “Game Night”.  Something this simple the kids love:

Feed The Monkey

A cup in the middle of the table.  You can get a monkey cup at Pier 1 Imports. Give each player a dollar in quarters.  You need a pair of  dice. First player rolls dice. If you receive a 4, one quarter goes to left, a 5 quarter goes to right, 6 “feed the monkey”.  Then the next person goes.  So, the last player with quarters, wins the “Monkey”.  You can play with skittles, cookies, etc.


2.  Take one day of the weekend and vote on what you want to do for the month every weekend.  Ours was going to the beach every Saturday.

3.  Have a family movie night. Everyone votes on a movie and make popcorn.  No phones, computers, and so on.

4. Pick a book for the month to read one night a week.  Each person reads a section of the book out loud and then talk about it.

5. Pick a Holiday that you celebrate in the year and invite ALL YOUR FAMILY!!!!


These are just some ideas/suggestions for starting your Family Traditions’….Or maybe you would like to share yours with us!

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