Spring is in the Air! Time To Renew…

There is something to be said about Spring Time.  It’s the only season of the year that  brings the feeling of fresh, new, happiness, cheerfulness, relaxation, and energy.  What awesome feelings.  I love this time of year cause it is the time when I sweep through my house and make a change.  It brings great feelings to me along with my family of excitement.  It’s always fun redoing things and getting “new” things.  So what I do is simply things such as change out carpets in the bathroom, change the comforter/sheet sets, maybe paint a wall in the family room, change out the dishes in the kitchen.  Just little simple things bring such great pleasures and happiness. A “FRESH” start!

So to begin this process this Spring, I did some research and as I was watching the Today Show, yes a cool part of my job is watching news TV shows, I got information about some “websites” I never knew existed.  So I went to one of them….



Oh, did I find some really cool things….

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