It’s Only Monday…Realx….Do those words even go together?

Monday = RELAX…LOL…

Ok so you made it to the end of your Monday without any niches, glitches, or drama!  At least I hope…LOL…

Sure Monday can = RELAX!  As I started my Monday not only covering MY JOB but the JOB of one of our employees.  As I attempted this past Friday, I was defeated. And of course I shouldn’t have been.  But knowing it was MONDAY, I still had the attitude of RELAX, you will do this.  You are NOT only gonna do “April’s” job BUT your own.  I took a deep breath this morning and signed in to my computer and said “game on’!!!  Within 30 mins, I was in panic mode.  With statements of …”are you kidding me?, REALLy, how am I suppose to know that?” , and WHAT THE PRINTER THAT DOES THE CHECKS JAMMED, with so many more but as I heard the surrounding staff making the same comments, I just sat back and let a large laugh out. That’s right. A laugh of “RELAX”, you are not in this “MONDAY” alone!!!!!  Then the search was on by a staff member of  the old question of “IS ITA FULL MOON?”

Well it’s not a “FULL MOON”, IT IS JUST MONDAY.  So I decided after one defeat after another, I was just gonna RELAX and take MONDAY for MONDAY!  What got done, got done and what didn’t would be there waiting on someone to do tomorrow! 

So, with that being said, I thought I would share some helpful tips with you to ‘DEBUG’ youR Monday’s or just RELAX and roll with the punches that every MONDAY brings!!!!

Ways  to Defeat Monday:


2.  When something bothers you to the point you wanna cry, scream, yell etc….stand up and do 20 jumping jacks.  If anything, it will give your staff something to laugh about.

3.  If allowed, light a candle in your office and put on your favorite song.

4.  Take a break and just walk away. Talk to surrounding staff.  You might find out that they are having a “monday” too.

5.  Make a game out of the glitches, niches, and drama.  Aka…”is it a full moon?”

6.  And then there is ALWAYS CHOCOLATE….eat some!!!

I can tell you even though this Monday had its glitches, niches, and so on…we battled it and conquered it!!!!

PS: I also have a much APPRECIATION FOR our staff members!!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!

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