I really like surfing the web to see the “NEW” technology gadgets and such. I like to see where we are going in this world of ours. The problem is learning the art of patience!!! I often talk about the people who go and wait outside the stores the night before a release of a “HOT” technology item. But then I stop and think, well dummy you do this for “Black Friday” shopping every year, so what’s the difference???? HUH????

Well the difference is, I am in line to get the “hottest deals” of the “old” so they can bring in the “new”. The kinks are worked out (so they say) of the items I am shopping while the mad rush to be the “first” to get the new “gadget” is taking a high risk of having “issues” with the gadgets. What’s my proof in this statement?

I just purchased the Ipad 2 last year not “knowing” the Ipad HD/3 was coming in March. I was so upset with myself. I did the same in getting my Iphone 4 as well. Same exact scenario. But then RELIEF came about when I took a deep breath and (sorry to those who bought it) that the Ipad 3 was giving problems. My lightbulb of PATIENCE came on!!!! I was saved from the “risk”.

So, below are “Gadgets” that have been around and I believe to be interesting…. Take a look….


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